Drawing Desk - Architecture

Drawing Desk Architecture is a UK design studio for sustainable architecture and visual representation, founded by Parminder Bal in 2016. Since then, the Drawing Desk team have established a well-known practice with a nationwide reputation. With the main office based centrally in the Midlands, we work as a highly skilled tech-based studio that is as diverse as it is culturally rich. This all combines to provide our clients with a fresh perspective and unique blend of ideas and creation.

Recent Projects

St Pauls Square, Birmingham – 2020-21
architectural and interior design
Date: 2020-21
Sandpits Farm, Coventry - 2020
architectural design, planning.
Date: 2020
Change of use, Concept and Architectural Design Project Management.
Date: 2019
Live work unit, Coventry 2019
Church Street, Oswestry – 2021
Architectural Design and Planning.
Date: 2020
Retail Unit, Solihull – 2020
Touchwood Centre, Architecture, Interior and Brand Design.
Date: 2020
Wootton Lane, Balsall Common – 2018
Concept Design.
Date: 2020
Wootton Lane, Balsall Common