Positive Youth Foundation

“When I think of the Hillfields area, I visualise the street view of Freehold Street, with its rows of terraced housing and green tiling on the pub. This Street represents my childhood beginnings. This area represents a life that is a daily grind, which in turn makes people tough and rough. Very little hope exists here; instead drugs, crime and prostitution take the limelight. One quality that is always present in this area is energy; endless, boundless and timeless in form. It’s a privilege for me to lead my practice during the regeneration of the local youth centre, a place for congregation and full of spirit. When I view this centre, I think of the life journey of the local people. I feel, I sense, I remember my roots.” Parminder Bal, Practice Principal.

Coventry – 2023

Positive Youth Foundation - 2023

Young Peoples Centre –
We were commissioned for the design and volumetric additions to the Existing single storey 470sqm footprint Positive Youth Foundation Centre located in Hillfields Coventry, transforming it into a vibrant setting that the local community deserves. The intended function of the building is to positively support the lives of underprivileged youths by providing the spaces and equipment necessary to learn new skills and engage healthy relationships; such is the objective of Positive Youth Foundation.

The result is a 913sqm footprint space to accommodate up to 250 youths that through design and sustainability considerations, passively encourages mindful energy within them to pursue their future aspirations. One low Carbon Design strategy involves creating a large solar array roof above the newly internalised sports pitch on its south facing side. These shall be complimented in design by three copper-clad, monolithic cubes harmonically growing in size yet retaining proportion until reaching the sustainably sheltered sports pitch. In-between the monolithic forms, sweeping green roofs shall be housed that flow into a usable roof garden for exterior activities such as Yoga or other outdoor classes. All of this is achieved whilst retaining the existing form of the youth centre as a historical reminder of its previous self once murals and street art envelope its walls.

Date: 2023

Sector: Concepts